Welcome to Saffron restaurant and bar. Look around. Have a seat. If this is your first visit, prepare to taste the greatest Indian food you’ve ever eaten. Our food consultant, Komal Khushalani and Kanishka always says, “If you’ve ever had a Indian meal that good, welcome back”

We take food seriously, but we’re also serious about making sure you having a good time. So you won’t find stodgy, uptight attitude you might find at other restaurants. Feel free to laugh out loud. Stay a while. Experience the sizzle. Above, all enjoy yourself.

All our dishes are characterized by their robust aromas, earthly flavours using the finest fresh ingredients to maintain the wholesome quality of food. All our dishes are prepared using Halal meat.

We also have put together a wide range of selected wines carefully prepared by our wine consultants Amira Wyndham, Nardin Fayek and Diana Taguchi; that very well goes with the kind of food we serve.