Imagine custom designed clothing created to your exact size and specifications.

Imagine having your own personal clothing consultant with over 32 years of experience helping you determine the look and fit that's right for you.

Imagine this level of quality and service for the same price, or less, than you would pay for fine, off-the-rack men's clothing.

Darzi, Hong Kong's leading and most distinguished tailors since 1958, invites you to discover "The Power of Custom Clothing" suits, sports jackets, trousers, shirts and tuxedos made from the highest quality designer fabrics, personalized for you and handmade with the impeccable skill of Shanghai tailoring.

Jay Darzi, Managing Director and Fashion Consultant, will assist you in selecting from over 3200 fabrics, ranging from the classics right up to the season's newest and finest cloth produced from the leading mills of France, England, Scotland and Italy and utilizing the basic silhouettes of men's wear - Italian, English and American.

Jay Darzi